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Wakefield is a district that in nestled in the West Yorkshire region beside the River Calder, with a population of over eighty thousand people, who are known for their friendly disposition and helping attitude. This is indeed a reflection of the Wakefield coach hires, who are led by a professional team that embodies these very attitudes present in the Wakefield population.

Coach and minibus hires in Wakefield can be used for any event that you or your loved ones need to be undertaken. From commercial, and business activities, to personal, and casual event planning, working with a minibus hire from Wakefield will both be a successful and enjoyable venture.

Wakefield is assigned to the WF1 postcode, however both coach and minibus hires travel through other West Yorkshire areas identified by postcodes such as WF3, WF4, WF5, WF7, WF9, WF12, WF14, WF16,and WF17.

For the adventurous, and those in search of adding historical knowledge to their repertoire, Wakefield provides many different places of interest, where our services can be of use on the journey.

Places of Interest in Wakefield

1. The Pemberton House is beautiful structure on Westgate that was built in 1752 for a successful merchant and wine family known as the Milnes, who owned various Georgian houses in the area. The house eventually changed ownership to celebrated author Henry Clarkson, best known for his work “Memories of Merrie Wakefield”. The house afterward was used as a home to West Riding and Grimbsy Railroad Company as well as “The Wakefield and West Riding Herald” a local newspaper.

2. The Pontefract Museum was originally erected as the Wakefield town’s library in 1904 and has been carefully preserved containing most of its original work. Today this piece of history function as a museum in the town centre, and tells through diverse objects the story of the Pontefract Castle, from it humble beginnings after the Battle of Hastings, to the English Civil Wars that solidified its end.

You can discover all this and more on a a comfortable journey in one of our coach or minibus hires, that offer diverse choices in size and capacity, catering to each individual according to their vision of the trip they would like to undertake.

Let us take you to some of the best places to dine in Wakefield. The dishes provided are not limited to the English variety but include options from various cultures that would be sure to be a delight. Wakefield coach hire drivers know the greatest restaurants in the town and will guide to you to a place to keep your palate satisfied.

Places to Dine in Wakefield

1. Deli Central is a casual eatery that offers the best of Wakefield locally produced goods with a culinary twist. Apart from offering a great place to catch up on the daily activities, it is filled with delicious jams, biscuits, pastas, and chutneys all open to your choosing.

2. Known for being the oldest running Italian restaurant in Wakefield Felices Bella Roma, has held a high standard since opening its doors in 1975. As a large restaurant, Felices Bella Roma houses events from birthdays to weddings and christenings, with the aroma of the finest meals uplifting each celebration.

Minibus hires in Wakefield are a perfect match with event planning, and visits. We are sure to offer a professional service, with our main focus, keeping you and your loved ones not only on time for every activity you’ve planned, but to make your journey there the most enjoyable, and comforting.

To book with us, visit, you will be glad you did.